Canon date codes



Since Canon's SLR lens factory is in Utsonomiya, you might see a date code starting with "UG" for a lens manufactured infor example.

However, there's another way to get the information: look inside the body's film chamber for an alphanumeric code printed in black ink on the black surface of the film chamber. FD and New Horny McAlester granny lenses were produced between and Again, the meaning of the last two s is a mystery.

How to read canon lens date codes

The next 2 s tell you what month the camera was made, in this example, November. What you'll see is a date code, possibly something like "UF".

But exactly how old is old? The last letter stands for the name of the factory.

In this case, "F" stands for Fukushima which was the main Canon SLR factory for about 20 years from the early 70s until The following Housewives wants sex tonight VA Henry 24102 s are an internal code that is irrelevant for determining age, but year and month is close enough anyway, IMO. You may have to hold the camera under a strong light to see it. Canon FD Lens Date Codes 27 April Part of my enjoyment of using old Canon FD lenses on my modern digital camera is simply that they are old, in contrast to the ephemeral — almost disposable — nature of so much modern technology.

Want to know how old your canon lens is?

Here is a table with a complete correspondence between the letters and years. The factory code is rarely omitted, if ever. tothough, the lens date codes did not include the factory letter. Fortunately, Canon stamped the rear plate with a date code that gives the month of manufacture. The meaning of the last two s is a mystery.

Canon date codes

These codes are explained in a of places, but most explanations gloss over the existence of two slightly different formats: The first format from to has one letter followed by three or four s. The switch from the first format datr the second format seemed to occur in the middle of The second format from to has two letters followed by four s.

Date Codes table. This internal code is also occasionally omitted based on reports from Canon owners.

All Rights Reserved This gives the following table for the months and the years so far. Cahon, for SLRs manufactured inyou might see a code starting with "OI" followed by the month code.

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