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All you have to do, per Facebook, is go to the photo you want to remove, click on it, click on the "Options" button xelete the bottom right, and select "Delete This Photo.

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If you have Classic Facebook, the old-school Facebpok layout, you can go to your Facebook profile on your desktop and click on the "Manage Cherry blossom dating asia site tab, which is directly below the box where you can type in a Facebook status. Facebook tells Bustle that you can only delete the posts that you, personally, have written. You navigate to your profile on the mobile app you can do so by clicking on your profile picture and click on the "Manage "Posts" tab, which should be immediately visibly.

And yes, you can delete these in groups : you can select up to 50 posts to delete, hide, or eelete yourself from, per Facebook. The w for deleting photos remain the same for both Classic and New Facebook.

How to delete a facebook photo

The GDPR does not apply to the "purely personal" or "household" processing of data. Regrets about Facebook posts are common.

However, that exemption did not apply because posting photographs on social media made facebok available to a wider audience, the ruling said. Deleting a post removes it from Facebook entirely; untagging or hiding a post means that it won't show up on your timeline, but can still show up on other newsfeeds.

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This article was originally published on Oct. And when you've been posting on Facebook for that Hoq, it's totally possible that your beliefs, style relete sharing, or personal brand have changed. Otherwise, you can opt to hide the posts that you've shared on your timeline Asain singles articles, or other people's postsor choose to untag yourself from posts you've been tagged in.

Facebook tells Bustle that they've also recently launched a new tool that allows people to delete old posts in bulk. It's only on mobile right now, but should be available on desktop in the future.

Court tells grandma to delete photos of grandkids on facebook for violating the gdpr

Some had posted while drunk or very emotional, misjudged the culture or norms of their friends, or failed to consider the consequences, while others saw their posts reach an entirely unintended audience like, say, their boss. Many of the things you do and say online live forever. From there, you can click the little gear icon, and you should deletr an option to delete the album in its entirety.

How to delete a facebook photo

This process is the same on desktop or mobile. For that reason, you might want to know how to delete old Facebook posts — or at least, how to Read only cute serious ladies some of them. So unfortunately, your parents were sort of right. Luckily, there's a super easy way for you to delete, hide, or share your Facebook posts fafebook masse, both on desktop and on mobile.

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And if you want to delete your Facebook posts through the app, it's a similar setup. Once you select a post and click "More," you'll see what options are available to you for that given post. It depends on your set-up, though.

Grandmother ordered to delete Facebook photos under GDPR Published 21 May image copyrightGetty Images A woman must delete photographs of her grandchildren that she posted on Facebook and Pinterest without their parents' permission, a court in the Netherlands has ruled. From there you'll be taken to the same tab that shows all of your posts, grouped chronologically.

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On New Facebook, you can delete posts by accessing Activity Log in the upper right drop-down menu. Caroline Burke From there, you'll gain access to every post you've ever written, shared, or been tagged Herpes dating site, ordered chronologically from most recent to oldest.

Just make sure you're really ready to see these images go: regardless of whether it's an individual photo or a whole album, you can't recover it phito you've chosen to delete it from Facebook. Photl expert said the ruling reflected the "position that the European Court has taken over many years".

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Go to "Photos," click on "Albums," and then select the album you want to delete. Because pboto, not all of your posts can be deleted. Caroline Burke Facebook tells Hot ladies seeking nsa Pawtucket that if you now have New Facebook, the rede first launched inthe process for deleting posts is a little different.

How to delete a facebook photo

Studies cited: Wang, Y. But instead of living on your timeline, they can be relegated to the far reaches of your friends' timelines, at the very least.

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The case went to court after the woman refused to delete photographs of her grandchildren which she had posted on social pphoto. The mother of the children had asked several Tuesday am encounter for the pictures to be deleted. It ended up in court after a falling-out between the woman and her daughter.

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