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Why i love my small boobs so much more now

Coworkers aren't talking about the slutty outfit you dared to wear Is methadone the same as meth the office when, in fact, it's just a button-down and a cardigan. I have mastered the art of fake cleavage Look, I'm not saying that people with small breasts should feel like they need to utilize wizardry to make they bust appear larger than life.

You have to be super hot to incite boob sweat Lovs sweat will never be included in your list of afflictions.

I love little titys

The only reason I keep bronzer in my makeup bag is for magic breast illusions, a regular pre-bar ritual in college. Speaking of perks: perkiness Wrinkles might be on my year horizon, but sagging doesn't concern me too much. Oh, are you waiting for the next step?

I love little titys

If it's not in your mouth, it's going down south. Spare me the hate mail this time.

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Go on, rock out with your back out! I barely have time to exercise as it is.

Thankfully, pregnancy only lasts nine months, but big boobs are for life. When I went through a braless phase in college I had no idea my experiment was so backed up by science, but at Northborough MA milf personals time, I swore up and down that a bra would never grace my skin again.

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Finding the right sports bra is a science, requiring a lot of research, trial and error. Someone is taking notice of my tits!

I love little titys

We're able to keep up without our breasts getting in the way. The day my breasts actually filled my bra cup was the equivalent of a winatlife moment.

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You are totally comfortable being on top It doesn't hurt to bounce around up there, on so many levels. I'm rolling in self-confidence at this point. The lifeguard isn't trying to check you out while your mom lies next to you. Meg Pinsonneault My boobs aren't big.

I love little titys

You might as well build a sand castle because you have the chest of a 5-year-old boy. You aren't weighed down by your boobs' additional poundage.

I love little titys

The best part about reaching my mid-twenties? My lack of luscious lady lumps won't bring me down.

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So when the boobies don't come, we're left wanting desperately for them. Your boobs aren't nearly big enough gitys cause that much friction. Having small breasts in high school was, in my mind at least, a disaster of epic proportions.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not delusional. When we're young, we're all about ourselves, and are notoriously hard on ourselves while we're at it. Woohoo, this one deserves a medal which, coincidentally, will also lies flat against your torso. It's a generalization to lovve so, but I was a teenager not so very long ago that I can't speak fairly Myredbook in fresno ca on the subject.

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We're able to really hold a person's complete attention because they aren't listening to our breasts, but rather our words. Sexy open-back shirts are a staple in my closet.

There's no good reason to strap an extra layer of underwire wrapped in cotton to your body if your boobs stay afloat on their own. I'm aware that my more ample-chested friends don't have the luxury of doing this as tityw, and the privilege isn't lost on me. There are really so many upsides to small breasts, you guys.

I love little titys

I can still appreciate a woman with great boobs -- I'm not knocking big knockers here -- but I don't exactly feel like I'm missing out. We can shop at any lingerie store with ease because the fit doesn't vary greatly.

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Okay, ready? You don't resemble a 4-dimensional box when you wear a chunky knit sweater.

I love little titys

tirys As a small-chested woman, I get to partake in the world of bandeau swimwear, bandeau shirts and bandeau bras without any worries about wardrobe malfunction. By now, you've probably read about cleavage contouring.

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