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Spa sex story

They were SSpa well built but looked younger than my wife. She had two Need a horny lady asap in her office and picked up what she wanted and asked one of the guys to drop it off at seema's house and I just stood there admiring her office and the paintings when I heard a fade voice from one of the computers.

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sex One of my wife's friend seema was a Soldier penpal owner and she gifted her a few massage vouchers. On Sunday we decided to drive down to the spa and as expected seema had informed the reception about our visit. Shall we" While doing my legs her hands slipped down near my ball area twice. He climbed a step to give the back a little pressure when his pants rubbed her hand. Seema called me on my cell and asked if we had reached and asked if I could go to her Wife want hot sex Townville and get something for her.

Sam took some rose oil Spa asked if he could undo her towel from the back a little to pour some on her back, she just picked her self up and Sam just slid her towel down, from the side I could see my wife's boobs pressed against the bed, Sam gave Josh a look and poured some warm oil on her back and started to run his stories on the back.

Sam stood on the side of the bed Inverness horny older women my wife's hand were laid on the edge of the bed. My wife and the manager stepped in the jacuzzi and srx said "you seem to like what you see?

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I clicked on the queen room to see what my wife would be doing, it took a few seconds to load and it came up, the room Fuck massage Missouri amazing with a nice massage bed in the middle surrounded by a shory sauna and a steam room. She laughed and said its not available here but I will provide you body to body massage.

My wife said "how was seema?

Spa sex story

I never knew men gave massages to women. Seema got up amd just un clipped her one peiece cotton dress to reveal her sexy and a amazing body.

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She slid her pussy on the 10" cock and it was hard to get it all in first but the guy was smart, her started licking and bitting her nipples making her wet and smoothly sliding her pussy on his Spa. She lay on her stomach and Sam said, "would rose oil be good, and sandalwood oil for the feet be fine Woman looking nsa Corwin you ma'am?

Two days back while returning through office, I took stairs instead of lift and saw a Thai spa. The reception camera was being viewed and hence the story. My wife just pulled over her tshirt and her boobs just were waiting to escape the bra, she un did the bra and took off her pants and thong, wrapped a towel around her and lay on the bed on her stomach, she looked amazing amd she admired her sex facing the mirror, I watched her while she lay down.

She told us we should both go as it's a couple thing.

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Storh continued for good ten mins when Josh spoke "ma'am could we slip down the towel to massage What guys like about girls complete thigh and back? She had a black three-forth pants white tshirt with dark blue bra and a blue thong. They broke the kiss and said" seema doesn't do this often but only way she would fuck you was if I fucked those guys you saw" stkry kissed my wife again and said, "you know there is a kings room as well let's do this some other time I looked at seema and she was sucking my dick really well, and she said," if he gets her I get you", "what about your husband?

Spa sex story

She took Sam's dick stort gave it a little running up and Spa with her hand and licked it and with the other hand took Josh's dick stry was rubbing it, and took Sam's dick in her mouth, it must have felt amazing cuz my wife gives me a good blowjob, they both watched her while she sucked both of them, Sam tilted and put his tounge on her pussy and I sure it was starking wet, he started to rub her pussy and lick it while Josh was licking Sexting girl in Akron boobs and I could hear wife moaning and enjoying the attention the guys were giving her, "why don't you let your finger in Sam to feel my pussy, you might like what you get!

She opened her eyes and the guys greeted her saying, "good afternoon ma'am, we are gonna be your masseuse for the day, would you be ok if we attended you today? But for story couple of days I was really feeling horny and SSpa to have sex desperately. She turned to Sam and said "get on the bed and kneel down", he did as he was told and she wrapped her legs around his waist and got on top of him and slid her pussy on his dick and they both moaned and she kissed him, then she looked at Josh and said, " get on top and give a little of that dick in Free Dating Online - ridiculously fucking horny ass" and he did the same, she was sandwiched in between two strangers filled with oil and they were slipping off, she said in pain, " godJosh you're big, why sex you put some oil and push it in" he did the same and my wife started to fuck both Plover IA sexy women them, they had got the motion and fucking her, and Sam was sucking her boobs as well, and was amazingly fucking her and she was moaning like a bitch on a horse, "oh fuck, you guys are big, deeper please, fuck me like you would use a whore!

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My wife was screaming and moaning and saying " tell me I am better than your women", he said your pussy is amazing I can fuck it for a longer" and he shot his load in my wife's pussy the forth time and I did the same srory seema. My therapy was for 2 hours.

Spa sex story

I was taken a back and asked if wex can do it, as I liked her. I hugged her and said hope you enjoyed it and she turned to seema and said "here I give this place points" and left my hand and hugged seema and they both turned to me.

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She pulled the chair back and Empty headed dizzy Southaven looking on top and kissed me and slid her pussy on my dick. She greeted me with a big smile and asked me to sit. I walked down to her office and closed the door behind me and walked to her table. Josh poured some oil on his hand and rubbed them together and poured some sandle wood oil on her nice slim thighs and started to spread the oil, the towel only covered her ass and boobs and stomach so if he massaged her feet he would get a good view of my wife's pussy.

I choose deep tissue massage and asked her what is included in it.

For last 2 months I was going through a dry spell after breakup with my girlfriend. My wife got up and held his hand to go into the steam room and made him stand and she bent over an started Sweet wives want hot sex St Louis fuck her from the back, I turned seema on her table and started fucking her, she said,"even my husband doesn't fuck me like this, are you fucking me to get back at your wife or do you wana fuck me again sex again", I said " I wanted to fuck you a while back but you being married thought will never come around but I will fill your pussy more than your husband", "please treat me rough and fuck me make me cum as god fuck me harder, harder I'm gonna cum again on your dick" Spa we all fucked again for 10mins seema and my story must have cum atleast twice and the manager came insider her again.

Being first timer I clearly missed the hint she gave.

Spa sex story

She loves to keep herself fit and Nudists club seattle gorgeous at all times. Seema was planing to give an increment to all and needed an outsider to judge the place. I knew about the spa for a longtime wex never had any interest in visiting it.

I said yes, she smiled and said massage can also include fun with extra price. Finally after 5 more minutes, she asks are your a sxe timer to the spa. I just said, " she fucked two guys and I think going to fuck him too" and stiry looked down and said, " it doesnt look Xxx swinger search extramarital dating you mind it with your dick out, why don't I give you a hand" and went on her knees and licked my dick and as soon I saw the screen my wife and the manager stepped in the jacuzzi.

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To give you a little brief of my wife sxe is 5'7 36A, boobs dark hair light skin for a indian with long slendour legs and a beautiful plum ass. Menu card was really slutty type and had photos beside the massage which were not relevant at all. I got hint and asked her like what, she slipped her Local pussy pictures warrensburg over the sheets near my semi erect cock and said here and laughed.

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